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Our Vulcan grinders are crafted with an unprecedented level of precision, utilizing aerospace-grade aluminum to provide a grinding experience that is unrivaled.  The patent pending design incorporates distinctive features, purposely built to create a product that is genuinely unique and incomparable to any other grinder on the market.  The octagon shape of the grinder provides an exceptional grip, while the magnetic components, including the removable magnetic different sizes of screens, which are exclusive to this product take your grinder experience to a whole new level.    The box with its sophisticated appearance resembles a high-end box rather than a standard grinder box along with the custom made scraper, demonstrates our meticulous attention to details and exceptional quality.  Our trapezoidal teeth are designed to facilitate a smooth and effortless grinding experience, coupled with the octagonal and ergonomic grip, all of which are instrumental in minimizing hand fatigue.   For those with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, the Vulcan grinder is the ideal choice.   The Vulcan grinder is the ultimate grinder designed to leave you with a long lasting impression, so be ready for your most innovative and refined grind!

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