Vulcan Returns


• All warranty inquiries must be communicated via email. Please email us any issues or concerns at

• Depending on the product, the warranty ranges from 3 months to 1 year and lifetime. Those terms are always listed in the product description area. If the customer experiences product failure within the warranty period, the customer must contact us via email to report the issue. A free exchange will be issued within 24/48 of receiving any warranty issues. Customers will not pay for any shipping fees for any products covered under our warranty. If customer is asked to ship back the defective product, we will cover the shipping as well. Warranty does not cover refunds.

• Warranty does not cover the use of our product with parts from other manufacturers.

• In the event the customer orders the wrong item or wishes to cancel the order for any reason, we must be notified immediately after placing the order to be able to cancel the order before we ship and issue a refund. Refunds will be issued the next business day due to having to wait for the credit card transactions to settle for that day to enable us to access the transaction and issue the refund.

• Refunds for orders that are already shipped can’t be issued until we get the product back. Please note All orders received by 2:00pm will be shipped the same day!
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